I’m confessing here that I ordered some writing help

In my last blog post I said how I was struggling to get my thesis finished. I was really struggling with writing a thesis conclusion, and that was even more problematic than writing the abstract.

Only a week to go before the deadline of handing in, I must admit that last night I panicked and I have ordered a company online do the thesis conclusion for me. Apparently they get an expert writer to write it to the level you want based on the information given, so I have given them my thesis and asked them to write a conclusion based on it.

It has cost a little bit of money, but not as much as I thought and I have to say that it is a bit of a gamble. But what I’m hoping is that even if it comes back and it’s not great, it will generate some ideas and kickstart some processes in my brain which will allow me to actually finish it myself anyway.

I’m really anxious about the fact I have done it, and I feel incredibly guilty. I won’t tell my wife because I think she will be very upset with me, and so I’m going to have to keep this between me and this anonymous blog. And thank God it is anonymous because if my friends with reading this they would be mortified as well, but then I suppose I will just have to bottle it all up inside and not tell anyone.

I have to hope that this conclusion when it comes back is decent because my thesis has to be handed in in a week, and it has to have a conclusion, so come what may between me and the writing help company I’m going to have two produce something.

Right I have to get away from his computer, I feel disgusted with myself and it’s time to go and have a few beers I think. My friends are playing pool down the local pub and I think it’s time that I got my head away from this mess because otherwise I’m just going to sit here and feel guilty for the rest of the night.