Had my mobile phone stolen today

What a horrible day today was.

I’m already feeling really low about ordering my thesis conclusion from a writing help site. I suppose I am a bit ashamed and embarrassed that I have done it, and that I need to. I should be able to write better than I can.

But I’m hoping to turn it into a learning process, I’m hoping that by getting the thesis writing done for me, I can see how it’s been structured and learn from it. I’m hoping that that will allow me to learn from my cheating.

But anyway, I went into the city today and was buying a few things. I was in a department store and I picked up a handful of items and went to the till. When I got there to pay, I found that my wallet was gone from my back pocket.

I was mortified and thought what on earth had happened. I must’ve dropped it somewhere or forgotten it, I had been to a coffee shop so I went back there, but they said it had not been there. They even looked on the CCTV and showed me that my wallet was not left there.

I got home and thought about it, and I realised that it had been stolen. When I was in the department store, a young lady had bumped into me in a busy part of the store, she had apologised as she did so, and I thought when she bumped into me that she grabbed me a bit too hard. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, and because she was attractive I was distracted by that, which I think was part of the game.

I think she was a pickpocket and I think that my wallet is now in a bin somewhere and my cash is in her pocket. I have cancelled my cards and I have rung the department store to tell them the time the place and asked them if they can look on the CCTV, and I’ve also rung the police to tell them this.

I hold out no hope, petty crime happens like this all the time. But I suppose the ironic thing here is, how can I get angry at somebody stealing from me, when I am cheating with my thesis writing. When I’m getting somebody to write the conclusion to my thesis, so that I can cheat and get ahead of everyone in my peer group, then am I any better?