My thesis conclusion has arrived

When I woke up this morning there was an email from the company I ordered the thesis conclusion to be written by. I went a bit cold to be honest. To cheat so blatantly and to see the evidence in front of me was a little bit humiliating.

And it got worse when I opened it. They have done an absolutely superb job and come to an amazing set of conclusions that I’m not sure I could have constructed. They have taken the very best of what I’ve done and condensed into a fantastic summary, anyone reading the thesis conclusion would know exactly what I have been discussing and why.

It really was a wake-up call and I think I made the decision when I read it to take this a little bit more seriously. I’m never going to pass a degree if I cannot even do the basic work. So I need to get on top of this and stop drifting around the way I am.

I’ve heard back from the police about my wallet, they actually did get CCTV footage, but the lady is unknown, so they don’t hold out any hope of catching her. That’s a shame, but just as I expected. And as I say, I actually felt a bit of empathy with her, because I’m cheating other people, just as she is stealing from them.

Anyway, this is coming to a conclusion soon because now the thesis conclusion is here, I can weave the three parts of the thesis together to get it finished and handed in. I’m hoping to do that by the end of tomorrow so that I can get the thesis handed in and puts this horrible episode behind me.

Right, it’s time to get on with my evening, I need to spend some time with my wife and kids. I must say I’m enjoying blogging because it’s helping me to get things off my chest and clarify my thoughts. I’m dealing with my guilt better because I’m blogging and I’m realising that I really do have to change the way I am doing things or I aren’t going to pass this degree. That’s something I’m not sure I would have realised if I had not been speaking to my blog in the way I have, if somebody else’s in my position and reading this, I thoroughly recommend starting a blog deal with your problems.